ToonGrin is a co-owned production company that independently develops and produces online web content and performs video editing and graphic design work for clients of various professional fields. The company is run by Taylor Wyatt and Angelo Misseri, two video producers that have developed a range of skills to produce high-quality content in a timely fashion.

Taylor “Whyboy” Wyatt

Taylor Wyatt is a 24-year-old writer and producer. He has gone through the Toronto Film School for TV and Film Writing to develop his production and writing skills, implementing them into several independent film projects, music videos, and short film anthologies. Taylor also performed in a production assistant position at M.A.R.Z, a film development department within the Toronto VFX company Intelligent Creatures, developing calm and direct interpersonal skills with the company’s clients that commissioned its aid.

With his never ending desire to improve himself Taylor became self-taught and proficient in video editing and graphic design. His work has been featured in a documentary, a short story anthology, an online magazine, music videos and for in his self-produced review web series Cartoon Corner. Taylor’s condensed body of work can be viewed in his resume shown below.

Taylor Wyatt Resume




Angelo “Nero Angelus” Misseri

Angelo Misseri, better known as Nero Angelus online, is a 29-year-old graphic designer who graduated from the Scottsdale Community College graphic design program. Angelo has been recognized and awarded for his clean and impeccable design work receiving the 2013 Prime Excellence Silver Award for demonstrating superior craftsmanship in design and branding. This same recognition has been shown in various other mediums as his work has been featured on websites and prominent YouTubers’ channels. His gallery of work can be viewed on his DeviantArt, neroangelus.deviantart.com, and his further body of work can be shown in his resume shown below.

Angelo Misseri Resume


ToonGrin’s business works in two parts. Primarily presenting itself as a go-to service for any and all production, video editing and graphic design commissions. ToonGrin strives to provide top quality video and graphic design content done in a timely manner by keeping a professional honest demeanor and steady work ethic. But through conveying a warm and collaborative atmosphere in our interaction with clients and our audience ToonGrin pushes to further push itself into the production of books, comics, and original animated series.

However, when Toongrin is not doing freelance video editing and graphic design, the creators discuss and analyze cartoons, movies, TV shows and more with their self-produced online review shows. Taylor Wyatt going by the pseudonym Whyboy and Angelo Misseri going by Nero Angelus. The two work in tandem to produce complex, thought-provoking and entertaining video reviews on topics they are invested in.


ToonGrin updates as frequently as possible. Always producing new content every month.


ToonGrin’s two owners, Taylor and Angelo, live with their families in Canada and the US respectively.


ToonGrin does this for the passion of producing. Seeing an idea written on paper go through the stages of development and come full bloom into a physical media for others to watch and enjoy is rewarding. ToonGrin wants to make our and your ideas come to life. ToonGrin wants to discuss films and animation and have you join in. ToonGrin wants to be the company that makes you feel energized to develop your idea, as that is how we feel making ours come to life.